What are you READING ?

Today I would like to share the book I’m reading.I drink Green Smoothies I have even turned others on to Green Smoothies.I strongly support and believe in all the benefits of Green Smoothies and grow certain things just for them in my garden.I recently found this book at the free store on Cortes Island called Green For Life by Victoria Boutenko and it is a goodie and I suggest that everyone reads it.It doesn’t just confirm what we already know about the super drink but has so many great facts and thoughts of the deeper sense from why your soil is gold,the significance of your ph level,and why we should have more respect for plants.Its a great book and I hope to encourage some of you to read it and try a Green Smoothie today.So What Are You Reading i Want to Know?

Snowflake is My Model for Week 39

For week 39 i thought i would try some different materials.This week i had a lot of fun with Snowflake who by the way loves everything vintage.We went to a friends home for the photo shoot and viewed a beautiful collection of vintage glassware and got very inspired.Each painting in the series is on 16×12 canvas for Snowflake I used acrylic paint,collage,wax,watercolours,pencil crayon and pastales.Meet Snowflake my model for week 39.

That Wall A new Series

That Wall has 2 sides to it and many layers too.

I have started a new series called That Wall and we’ll be posting the progress as it has many layers to it.Today I’m sharing the other side and you well hear me refer to this side or the other side often throw out the growth of this project.There is 13 paintings with a surprise on each one but well get to that another day.For now it’s all about the layers.Here is the second stage of the other side of That Wall.