weekly photo challenge:Gone,But Not Forgotten

My Grandma Balducci is Gone,But not Forgotten.I love my Grandma B.She was always so supportive,loving,and caring.She just really knew me,she was so amazing and strong and I miss her dearly and think of her daily.I’m very happy to get to share this picture of her in her domain the kitchen she was a fantastic cook and made sure we all felt the love.She was the rock of our family and nothing has ever been the same since she left us.With this weeks challenge  I honour my Grandma B. with love and respect.

Pictures from School on Friday

The Stuffy Collection was at The Cortes Island Elementary School last Friday and has been invited back on Thursday the 11th to do some backgrounds with the students for the stuffed animal portrait.It was a very inspiring day as all the students showed up with there fav stuffy.WE had a lot of fun and are excited to return on Thursday for a follow up class. Today i share a few pictures of the art that was produced by the young talent of Cortes Island.

The Stuffy Collection

Today The Stuffy Collection and myself will be at The Cortes island Elementary School.We have been invited to teach the youth how to draw and paint their favorite stuffed animal.I will be promoting the importance of art, inspiring the youth to use art to communicate there vision,and what art means to me. But most of all I hope to bring smiles to there faces and some fun to their class today.Wish me luck I think this is going to be a great morning as long as they don’t throw all the paint at me.Today I share Pinky’s Portrait from Week 48.

Art Story I Like

If you have ever watched the movie Stuart Little(a must see and one of my favs)Sleeping-lady you have seen this great painting.The painting is called Sleeping Lady with a Black Vase by Robert Bereny 1927-28 in Hungary.Lost track of in World War 2 thought to have been taken out of the country.In the USA was found in a second hand store bought cheaply.The lady who bought the painting was a set designer for Stuart Little.The painting is said to be worth over $300 000.To read more on this story and lots more please visit http://www.hyperallergic.com

As we come to the end of 2014 I’ll be sharing art,stories,inspiration and up coming news to look forward to in 2015.To the count down of a great year.

The Stuffy Collection is on it’s last stretch

Week 49 meet Dumbo.With 4 more weeks to go,4 portraits,3 more photo shoots I’m on the last stretch of this challenge and going strong.With this collection I have had the opportunity to learn and try different techniques and push myself to complete a portrait a week with a photo shoot of inspiration.I have also been invited this Friday to teach a class at the elementary school here on Cortes Island focusing on drawing and painting their favourite STUFFY.I’m pretty excited to share this with the kids.Stay tune for more.

Sunday Sharing : 2nd Painting

The second painting I did on Cortes Island was my first attempt at a Portrait using mixed media.It’s called The Secret Kiss(a portrait of Kate Middleton).Now in the past my art was hair,make up and fashion.This painting was in a group show called Expose YourSelf in Powell River.I think it could be the inspiration for a series in 2016.To all the best Sunday.

1st painting on Cortes Island

I have been an artist all my life.When we moved to Cortes Island I decided I would take this opportunity to  follow my heart.In the past I concentrated on hair,makeup and fashion and using that as my canvas,medium making people feel good about them selves.In the late 1990’s I took up some nite courses at Emily Carr trying my hand with different brushes.By 2010 i started focusing 100% on this style of art.

This weekend I decided to have an extra bit of courage and share my first 2 paintings I did with no guidance or pictures,just me ,2 canvas and new brushes.My first painting done on Cortes Island is mixed media(which I had not realized was my thing at the time)is called This Way To Weed Town. My husband was and still is so supportive he made me a frame for it well I was on tour with my band The Abbie Hoffman Society and today I paint almost daily,have had 8 shows and 3 series.Tomorrow I’ll share the second painting I did which actually appeared in an art show.