Fundraiser Please share

Laura Balducci Art:

This is my new project i’m working very hard to get off the ground on Cortes Island B.C. sharing is helping.The remote island i live on needs this space to make it possible to continue being creative and have a place to show there art and get supply’s.Please share the link and help me raise the money i need to continue this project for my community .I got the space, the energy and the community is very excited and also helping lets make Tone Gallery Artz Supply viral and get the doors open for June 21st.

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Fundraiser Please share

We have started a fundraiser to help Tone Gallery Artz Supply get off to ground so Cortes island artist,children and community can have access to arts supply’s and have a place to show there art please help by sharing the link for this small remote island with lots of creativity get what they need.We have the space and we are ready to get it off the ground but we still need some help for Tone Gallery Artz Supply to be all it can be.

Thank You
Laura Balducci

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Fundraiser Please share

Fundraiser Please share

I have started a new project on Cortes Island and I’m fundraising.Tone Gallery Artz Supply is 900 sq feet and well soon be a space for on and off island artist to show there work,a long side with an artz supply store and well also be my studio .please share the link with your friends and help me raise the money for the renovations,rent and stock for this much need service on Cortes Island B.C. Canada to get off the ground.We have to travel 2 ferry’s to get that broken guitar string, that white paint or for your child to go to art class to stay inspired and create.

Thank You kindly Laura Balducci



Froggie de ToTo aka French Toast

The Stuff Collection keeps growing. Week 14 Froggie de ToTo started his day outside the jam space beside Tone Gallery Artz Supply on Cortes Island gazing on a sunny day waiting to have his portrait done.Using Kroma Crackle,chalk dryed poppies,acrylic paint and collagin one of my own photo’s .The portrait started with a blind contour drawing.


weekly photo challenge: threshold

weekly photo challenge: threshold

The beginning point of a new project.This is my THRESHOLD on Cortes island B.C.
I am in the beginning stages of opening Tone Gallery / Artz Supply Store catering to the artists of my community with a wide range of supply’s to create your new body of art. From music gear to canvas.Show casing artist on island and off .I have been working hard on renovating this space and it’s coming along with team Tone and lots of elbow grease we work towards opening in June.To stay up to date with the process please visit the website and like our facebook page .