Weekly Photo Challenge – Fun

Everyone finds their Fun in different ways. Life would be boring if we all liked and did the same things. I love to recycle found items and create  canvases, multimedia art pieces; sometimes, I even use what already exists. This past weekend, I was invited to help throw out a neighbour’s burn pile. I started rubbing my hands together in anticipated glee right away as I knew it was going to be a gold mine!!! Stay tuned because I am going to get my juices flowing on some of these newly-found items. (This is really FUN to me.)



Meet Imelda

Imelda is a new art doll I started to create this past spring while attending an art doll workshop with Kate Church. Imelda is part of my new series of dolls, which will be called the Rascals. She is seated on a found deer skull and made by hand out of polymer clay, naturally dyed wool (for her hair), repurposed material from drapes (for her cape), and a vintage button (among other things!). Imelda is a warrior, who is fighting the universal battle for all the wild things in the world. With each doll in this new series, I will be exploring the idea of what rascals are about and what they get into and what they discover in this big world we all share.


Something New Is Afoot!!!

I have taken some time out of the studio lately to tend to the garden, release a soundtrack and put on a few art shows. But the time has come to get back to work, as the creative juices are flowing and something new is happening!!! I am really excited about starting to build a new project!!! Stay tuned to watch it grow.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Morning

Billie is my senior German Short Hair Pointer who is turning 16 this week. I rescued her from a bad situation when she was 3 years old and she has been my faithful companion ever since. Morning is her favourite time! We make the rounds together to let the chickens out of their coop and feed the rabbits. Then we play the food game and go for a stroll to the lake; when we get back inside, it’s time for the rest of the household to wake up. For Billie and I, mornings are our special time and we cherish them.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Narrow

On Cortes Island, we have two beautiful lakes which are very close together and are connected by a unique Narrow waterway. Besides this passage, there really is no other way to get from Gunflint Lake to Hague Lake via water. It’s a rare sight to see people taking this route. And you have to paddle under an old bridge to boot!!! In this photo, my very nice neighbours show us the way through in their canoe.


Surprise!!! It’s time to share a music video

In case you missed it or were unable to come, the Other-Side presents That Wall now has a music video for you to experience the art installation. Featuring tracks from the CD by the band The Other-Side and a walk through of the exhibit. I hope you enjoy the show and please feel to share with your network and your friends.

And here is a review from the show by Richard Trueman…


Acknowledging a Team player

My latest art installation, The Other-Side presents That Wall, has been a resounding success and I am the first say that it took an entire team to create it. Graphic artists, photographer, videographer, producer, mentor, carter, drivers, organizers and an editor. I have shared their names and their work, and have thanked them all for their contributions. There is still one person I would like to acknowledge, who has been contributing from behind the scenes. You see her work here weekly without knowing it; her work is to understands me so you can too! I appreciate her so much and feel very fortunate to have her on my team.

Picture of me 4.png

Paloma Vita is a friend, a fellow artist and also my editor and graphic artist. She has put in hours of creative input in this latest project and helped design the CD cover and posters as well as edited my artist statement. She also played a big part in the production of my art book, My Stuffies’ Secret Life. She is a digital artist, translator, ghost-writer, editor, and natural healer. She is a joy to work with, so please check out her website if you need some of her language skills or visit her art site to view her Visionary Zodiac collection and learn more about a treasured team player.

For her language services website, please click here or contact her at palomavita@gmail.com and for her art website, please click here