The Stuffy Collection Continues

The Stuffy Collection continues after 2 art shows, my first art book launch and already many adoptions.We travelled from Cortes Island to Powell River with Del Riveria and his accordion and had a great time.I have raised a good start to my goal in 2015 as half of the adoption fee(purchase) of the original art goes to your choose the food bank or the spca.There is previews on The Stuffy Collection pages of my website and there $200 for each art installation  which includes the stuffy,photo shot,and portrait.My books are also for sell throw my email ,my soon store on website and a store near you for my book which is $30.There is lots of action happening in Tone Studio and there is also lots of other news I’ll be sharing soon as I release the first issue of Balducci Art Chatter in early March.Until then i share a few photo’s from the art tour and wish you all a great weekend.

Salmonberry Studio

Salmonberry Studio


A Show Not to Miss

I collect art and one of my favorite artists is having a show on March 5th in Victoria. Today I’m spreading the word.Pj Kelly from Victoria will be showing her new collection At Polychrome Fine Art it’s called Frontier.I just recently got the opportunity to visit her in her studio and i have chosen a new piece to add to my collection.Please check out her website and see you at the show.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Symmetry

There is an art to SYMMETRY and it’s used in so many ways.Today I share one of my many treasured items that my Grandma Balducci brought back from Italy decades ago.I use this blanket  a lot and so did she but you would never tell as it has been wolven beautiful ,washes easily and is just is a beautiful piece of art that I shall hold close to my heart forever.



The Book is out of the Box

Some of you may know in 2014 I gave myself an art challenge for 52 week.A photo shot, paint a portrait and story one a week for 52 weeks of my stuffed animal collection.Thats a whole year!!! I achieved my goal and I’m proud to announce that the first art book launch” My Stuffies Secret Life”  is in Powell River this Friday Feb.13th at the Cranberry Hall from 5pm to 8pm.The book is out of the box and I’m thrilled to share it .If you’re interested or need more info about the book or one of the 52 art installations please email me at

I would like to send out a special thanks to Paloma Vita my editor and great friend who made this project possible.

A Little History of The First Stuffed Toys

The first commercial concern to create stuffed toys was the German Steiff company in 1880. Steiff used new technology developed for upholstery to make their stuffed toys.[1] In 1903 Richard Steiff designed a soft bear that differed from earlier traditional rag dolls, because it was made of plush furlike fabric.[1] At the same time in the USA, Morris Michtomcreated the first teddy bear, after being inspired by a drawing of Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt with a bear cub.[2] The character Peter Rabbit from English author Beatrix Potter was the first stuffed toy to be patented, in 1903.[3]

The Stuffy Collection will be showing on Cortes Island Feb.7th @ Salmonberry Studio 822 Austin dr. from !pm to 4pm

and Feb.13th will be in Powell River @ The Cranberry Hall 6828 Cranberry St. 5pm to 8pm.

Meet Pinky my model for week 48.

Meet Pinky my model for week 48.

The Ghosts of Artrosshes @The Coop Cafe

The Ghost of Artrosshes is heading to The Coop Cafe today and we’ll be sharing the walls with 4 other artists from Cortes Island.A great way to start  the month of February off with 3 shows to hang.First off Fancy These Walls opening today and can be viewed all month.Come on by for a coffee or treat and the space is available daily for your needs..The Ghosts of Artrosshes was first shown this summer in Powell River and I’m excited to share this series on 12.5 inches x 21inches recycled vinyl siding using collage,spray paint,acrylic each piece is for sell for $100 and are available at the end of the show to take home.