Lets hear it for Billie -Buns of Steel- Balducci

I rescued Billie when she was 3 years old she was in bad shape tortured and abused to the max.When I brought her home many of my friends were like are you sure about keeping this dog?Well I was with no second thoughts.She came with many issues anxiety,scared of everything and everyone (almost) and hide under my kitchen table for months.After a lot of Love,Compassion and Patience she turns 16 this year.We have had a great life and she is a great member of this family who has brought me much joy over the years and outlived all her siblings and put smiles on many faces.She does pretty good for the most part with a few pains and inflammation that we work on daily,she is still a tad temid with some but a fantastic big sista to Wilma and Betty.She likes to go for a long walk every other day and sleep by the wood stove.I don’t know how much more time she will be with us but I won’t be sad when her time comes just grateful that she has been in my life for more than a decade and my best friend for that matter as she came into my life at the perfect time and has been a trooper for 13 years.I share her story today cause she always brings me a smile daily and is so loved.I share this also to say Don’t give up just put the time in the ones with 4 legs are the cherished ones never complain and always there to greet you with their heart on their sleeves.xoxoxo to everyone who loves Billie.Lets hear for Billie-Buns of Steel-Balducci

Billie at Hanks Beach 2015

Billie at Hanks Beach 2015

Billie Lund 2008

Billie Lund 2007

Billie with her sista's Wilma and Betty 2013 on Cortes Island

Billie with her sista’s Wilma and Betty 2013 on Cortes Island

The Stuffy Collection Week 26 -Upsy Daisy

Upsy Daisy has a soft spot for flowers :fresh cut,wilted, or paper,you name it ! As long as it’s a flower,she loves it.How can a flower make a person so happy? “The work and energy it takes every plant to flower is living art and should be seen for the miracle that it is – and shared!”

Upsy Daisy’s Portrait

From “My Stuffies Secret Life” by Laura Balducci .Upsy Daisy‚Äôs art installation is still up for adoption with half the fee going to your choose the food bank or the s.p.c.a. $200 including the stuffy ,portrait and photoshoot.Share some flower energy today with your loved one’s.

Upsy Daisy's Photo Shoot

Upsy Daisy’s Photo Shoot


That Wall

That Wall

That Wall

That Wall is a new series of 13 paintings on recycled drawers.There double sided art installations !!! I have been having fun with this freestyle concept and look forward to sharing the pieces as they start coming alive.Stay tune and watch the process continues.

The Stuffy Collection

Buckley thinks about wood night and day.It’s what his house is made of,it’s what feeds his family, and so much more.He knows that one day wood will run out if we keep cutting trees down.There must be a more sustainable material on earth and I am willing to adapt !

From My Stuffies Secret Life by Laura Balducci .Buckley’s art installation is still up for adoption with half the fee going to your choose the food bank or the s.p.c.a. $200 including the stuffy ,portrait and photoshoot. Have a great weekend ….

Buckley's portrait

Buckley’s portrait

Buckley's photoshoot

Buckley’s photoshoot

interesting social network poll

I can only share my own but here is my poll for my social network friends and followers .I love statistics and numbers I also find them interesting.

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I thank you all for so much on going support and encouragement.

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