That Wall

That Wall

That Wall

That Wall is a new series of 13 paintings on recycled drawers.There double sided art installations !!! I have been having fun with this freestyle concept and look forward to sharing the pieces as they start coming alive.Stay tune and watch the process continues.

The Stuffy Collection

Buckley thinks about wood night and day.It’s what his house is made of,it’s what feeds his family, and so much more.He knows that one day wood will run out if we keep cutting trees down.There must be a more sustainable material on earth and I am willing to adapt !

From My Stuffies Secret Life by Laura Balducci .Buckley’s art installation is still up for adoption with half the fee going to your choose the food bank or the s.p.c.a. $200 including the stuffy ,portrait and photoshoot. Have a great weekend ….

Buckley's portrait

Buckley’s portrait

Buckley's photoshoot

Buckley’s photoshoot

interesting social network poll

I can only share my own but here is my poll for my social network friends and followers .I love statistics and numbers I also find them interesting.

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I thank you all for so much on going support and encouragement.

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