Raising Awareness With Art

Photo shoot - Paddington Bear

Today is the day!!!

Portrait - Paddington Bear
Portrait – Paddington Bear

The art installation Paddington Bear from The Stuffy Collection is in a silent auction doing his best to help raise money and awareness for a cause dear to our heart in Victoria B.C. Please help spread the word.  

“Rain or shine,wind or snow; the weather does not matter if your ready to go.” Paddington Bear is the one you can rely on for embarking on adventure at the drop of a hat.And he is always prim and proper.

whats up next @ Tone Studio


It’s a new month going in to a new season with lots of creativity happening in Tone Studio.Between 2 group shows coming up in November there are a few collections that are in the works also.Fall and Winter is the perfect time to buckling down and get dirt in the studio.

ItemS – Travels of 2015 inspired me to create my first abstract art collection. Each ‘Item’ will use photographic evidence collected from escapes in the last year to create shapes, forms, colours and lines to promote engaged thinking and chatter.

THAT WALL –  the story on each side of the panel adds to the world created by the bigger collection. ‘That Wall’ integrates mediums and characters with environment and history to share an experience with the audience using a Transmedia approach.

Sleeping is for the Dead – 10 mix-media paintings inspiring 10 chapters of a book, sharing the theme of Kinesthetic awareness in life. The collection reflects on engaging with life while living with a disability

Meet Some of The Artist’s featured @About Face! The #selfie Art Show


Meet some of the artist from About Face!The ‪#‎selfie‬ Art Show .This is a great video by Efren Quiroz. interviewing some of the artist , you can also see more of the art that was shown.

WINKWINK : If you watch you can see my first art gallery show interview having fun and repeating my self as I do !!! so kool…thank you Efren Quiroz. for including my art doll and the interview in your video.

An Artist Feast

This Friday at An Artist Feast @ The Old School House Art Gallery the gallery well be open from 6 to 9pm with a special presentation by Orlane Lee Johnston starting at 7:30pm  with images and stories of Africa and Horses.The gallery is also open to view The Annual Members Show Saturday and Sunday from 2 to 6pm.The vibe last weekend was very exciting and full of energy this is a great opportunity to see the art of many artist on Cortes Island before the gallery closes for the season.We have had a very memorable season of art this summer and would love to share the last weekend with you.

Friday @ The Old School House Art Gallery
Friday @ The Old School House Art Gallery

National Dog Day !!!

As if I can refuse National Dog Day.I love my dogs,can’t even imagine not having them in my life and honestly in our world everyday is National Dog Day but today is there holiday day wootwoot!!!!

I share a few photo’s of the family members and then off to the beach we shall go as if we weren’t planing to go to the beach today anyway but today we have to as we celebrate there holiday (any excuse right).Adopt a pet ,love your 4 legged family members and cheerish your memories with them your DOGS loves you more then you might think.xoxox

The Time is Now

It’s been a busy summer for all it feels and at our house it’s been no different. A summer filled with Art Shows ,Gardening , White Sandy Beach’s ,Guest’s ,Lots of Hikes with The Zoo and Many great sights On the Paddle Board -It’s so not over yet!!!

Sometimes timing is everything and it seems to be on my side. As all my summer obligations comes to a slow down so does The Beautiful Cortes Island beach’s and trails become less busy and kids get ready to go back to school. It seems to be the perfect timing to start a summer vacation of my own.The next little bit you well be able to find me paddle boarding quietly with Betty  ,preserving our unexpectedly successful garden and enjoying my newly organized studio set up to start getting down to some new insight on some new collections and some time on the beach’s that seemed overly consumed for the first part of the summer. More guests , a lot of time in the studio and the yummie food for the winter all this makes for a great summer ,the time is now to enjoy the rest of summer and all the beautiful sunrises.

studio view of the sunrise on  Monday Aug.24 2015
studio view of the sunrise on Monday Aug.24 2015

The Starving Artist well be unveiled on Aug.21st 2015

My new painting which is a wall hanging -The Starving Artist – well be unveiled at the annual members show opening Friday Aug.21 @The Old School House Art Gallery.The show is called The Artist Feast and I painted this piece to present in the show which well be open to the public for the next 2 weeks.Please join me and many other local artist at the opening reception for a feast to remember of art ,apps,and bevs. I have 2 new pieces in the show including an art doll named Windblower. Here is a sneak peak of The Starving Artist.

A sneak peak of The Starving Artist by Laura Balducci
A sneak peak of The Starving Artist by Laura Balducci