Art All Weekend Long

At 4pm before the doors open the line up was building.The vibe was exhilarating to say the least.Everyone wanted to buy art ,help raise money for the new library in Powell River ,add to there collection with out knowing who the artist is and was thrilled to make it in the door.The evening went off with out a hitch the volunteers have done an amazing job with over 100 paintings to display.The show is up all weekend long and is so worth a visit.There is so much talent on the walls this weekend and it is a unique art show to attend and be ANONYMOUS….xoxoxo


Amy is the second art doll to occupy The Other-Side of That Wall.She got dressed and went to see her hairdresser today.Here is a photo in progress. One hair at time as she lye’s patiently in her naturally dyed indigo pant suit.IMG_1229

Beginnings Of Amy

Amy is the second art doll to occupy The Other-Side of “That Wall”.This is where she begins here journey @ Tone Studio created by hand out of Polymer Clay ,her outfit starts with naturally dyed onion skinned  body suit and indigo textile with recycled items found and the rest is for another day ,as I leave you with your imagination to run wild.IMG_1187

Meet Laurisa

Laurisa is the first art doll to occupy The Other-Side of That Wall.My new art installation which is 2 sided and well be shown in 2016.There are 13 panels to That Wall all recycled from old dresser drawers.She still needs a tuck here and a tuck there ,she stands 16 inch’s and is 6 inch’s wide ,hand made with polymer clay , parts of her wardrobe are naturally dyed or recycled from old items.That Wall has many mediums to it including a sound track. I well be posting often keeping you up to date with the building of an art installation  called “That Wall”IMG_1164.

Weekly Photo Challenge:A Personal Victory

Today I feel like I have achieved a personal Victory .Back in the Spring I attended a very fun and awesome workshop by Kate Church .We learned how to create art dolls her way.She took us step by step and it was very intense .We all walked away with new friends and fresh ideas to take home to our studio’s.In the summer I went to a natural dye workshop on Cortes Island by Heather Young which also got me working and creating my own textile art.Using the skills I have learned this year has given me an  opportunity to try my hand to create my own art doll with a body suit I naturally dyed using onion skins.I love making these art dolls its a small scale of combining all my different trades in to one hair ,make-up ,fashion styling into one art piece.Today I celebrate A Personal Victory to dress my first art doll I created on my own.She is stuffed and ready. I look forward to sharing her all dressed. Her name is Laurisa and well be part of my new art installation called That Wall along side 12 other art dolls and so much more.I share a photo from the photo shoot last nite.IMG_1131