Happy Chinese New Year

I have always been drawn to this day.It really makes great sense to me.The Year Of The Monkey begins now!!! It’s time to get your A** in gear clean up the old and move forward with the new,get that clutter out of your world and clean up the yard cause spring is on its way.I wish everyone a wonderful new year with new desires and dreams.Today I share “Snapper” from “The Stuffy Collection”.It was this week last year I showed the full collection and had my art book launch for “My Stuffies’ Secret Life”.It’s been a great last year and I look so forward to another.


Snapper’s Photo shot 


Snapper’s painted Portrait

February What’s up!

They say it’s the month of LOVE !!! I say every month and every day should be spent doing something you love.

Creativity -the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

Every February I take a moment out getting past the resolution’s and moving forward with a new year it always seems like a good time to tie up loose ends and learn some new stuff or get requited with some personal goals.One thing I have been doing for the last many years is taken a few courses online.This year is no different. As I move forward with stage 4 of “That Wall” which includes assembling the art installation,mastering of the sound track,and preparing the art for the up coming shows and CD release,all to be announced before Spring.I have also started a few new online classes from MOMA to keep the creativity flowing.I well also be  starting a drawing class on Cortes Island (a personal goal)and continuing of course art classes on Thursday with Lisa Gibbon . I look forward to sharing some new pieces I am working on. Continuing to grow,learn and share,are a few of the things I love.


photo by David Molyneaux



Meet The Other-Side

The Other-Side is a new band from Powell River and Cortes Island B.C Canada.We are 5 artists from all sorts of back grounds that have come together to collaborate and create a soundtrack for the art installation called “That Wall”.We just recently spent the weekend at The Music Room recording located in Powell River.From the top meet Cameron Twyford aka little pharmer ,Del Riveria ,Laura Balducci ,Craig Vishek and Tom Dowding.

Photo by David Molyneaux  http://davidmolyneaux.com


Thank-You From The Other-Side

My new band is called The Other-Side and is the band behind the sound track for my new art installation called “That Wall”.We had an amazing time at  The Music Room which is in Powell River B.C.Canada recording our new CD.It was a meeting of the minds,that brought out many instruments,and way to much fun.We would like to take a moment to give thanks to everyone that made it possible.Our driver for the weekend (who we strong suggest hiring) kept us on time and safe Ian McGahey,David Molyneaux our photographer who captured some unbelievable photo’s and documented the experience,The Little Curry Hut for a delightful dinner,Coastal Cookery  for getting us in just before closing,Townsite Brew for keeping the creative juice flowing,Base Camp for keeping us jacked on coffee and all the wives and Chris Murdock for giving us the weekend to create together.More pictures are on there way and I well introduce my bandmates this week.We Thank -You All.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Optimistic

I am feeling Optimistic.With all the rain and snow fall we have had this Fall and Winter I think we have a better chance of not being in such a drought this coming gardening season.On Cortes Island the lakes,swamps and ditches are much fuller right now then last year at this time.I love water….IMG_9988