My new ride

My new ride that took me to the ocean for my first dip of the year .If you know me you know I love to bike ride.Living on Cortes Island an upgrade was needed to conquer the hills that are around many bends.I’m thrilled with my new bike from Kona It’s a 3 speed and every 2 bikes they sell they send one to Africa now how kool is that not to mention it’s super light bike and i’m in my glory.

before and now on the farm.

We recently moved to 33 acres on Cortes Island and it was a blank canvas.I go throw my life tasks as everything is art and we have been working hard creating our new farm and play ground.No we are not done but to be honest i’m not sure if you really ever are when you feel like you live in a national park.There is still lots on our list but we are pretty happy with where were at so far including a chicken coop , raised beds out of bathtubs and boats filled with vegs and a great fenced in yard for our zoo.Some before and now pictures.


My Stuffies Secret Life

The second print is on its way and we’ll be in stores by mid May ,you can also pre order via my email   In the mean time i share a story from my artbook.

Winnie the Pooh likes to follow bright colours.”You see,” he likes to explain, “that’s where all the bees go and they help everything grow.” Bees also make honey and there is nothing Winnie the Pooh loves more than honey. “This is a reminder to save the bees;they’re worth it!”

Winnie the Pooh`s Portrait

Winnie the Pooh`s Portrait

Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh`s photo shoot

11 new zoo members

Meet our new zoo members they don’t all have names yet but we are taking names suggestions.Our 11  chicks are 6 days old and we are already in love with every single one of them and welcome them to our farm.This has been in the works for some time and we just could not be more thrilled on a rainy spring day.